Induction Training Instructions

General Information

 There are 4 stages to completion and 3 important information locations. You are requred to complete all the training stages stages of 1 to 4.  The supporting information includes:
–  Induction Training Instructions.
–  Google Location Map.
–  Staff Information and Booklets.

At the bottom of all pages, for ease of access, is the entire virtual walkthrough in the form of a windows menu.  Go through the virtual walk through thoroughly to become familiar with the Addington Events Centre.

Please allocate 2 hours to finish the tasks.  This is because if it is not completed in one sitting it will have to be started again from the beginning.

Stage One: Emergency Evacuation Information.

This stage involves reading through all the pages that have been linked. The titles to these linlked pages are coloured blue.  Once you have completed this stage you can then move onto the next stage: stage 2, ‘The Virtual Walkthrough’. See the image below of the menu below.

hs7Figure:  Emergency Evacuation Menu.


Stage 2: Virtual Walk Through Instructions

This induction training will familiarise you with the facilities with a virtual reality walk through. The induction training can be carried out on your mobile device.
Each location has a set of tasks.  Once one location is completed successfully there is a link to the submission form to email confirmation of passing.  Emails are sent to you and administration.  There is another link on that page that will take you to the next set of virtual tours with their tasks.  There are 10 locations in total with their virtual tours and associated tasks.

The Staff Policy and Procedures Booklet download link plus a Profile and Results login link are provided at the bottom of this page.

The Procedure and the Layout 

  1. Every page is laid out the same.  Here is the first page you will see: ‘Page 2 ‘Grounds’.  There is a virtual tour window and within each window is the right hand top pull down menu.  Use this menu to change and look through the virtual tours.entr

Figure: Virtual Tour of the entrance to the Addington Events Centre.

  1. Next scroll down and look for these instructions under the virtual tour window.  Click ‘Start’ to begin the tasks.

ins Figure: Click button to start theonline tasks multi-choice

  1.  After clicking start you will see the questions pop up in the view.  Tick your answer in the tick box then click ‘Mark’. The right hand arrow will take you to the next question. Then work your way through the questions.  Follow the instructions as they come into view.  Each location once passed is saved for you in your profile. There are 10 locations to complete.

Figure: Example of the online multi-choice questions.

  1.  The ‘Windows Menu’ and the ‘Image Menu’ can be found at the bottom of each by scrolling down.

Figure:  Windows menu system accessing all the virtual tour locations plus several still images.

  1. Important Explanations

Profile and Results Login

You will be issued with your own personal login and user name.  Go to  the User Login enter your username and password and update your details. You can change your password and customise the online environment once you are logged in.  From here you can view your results by clicking on the H5P in the sidebar menu.
This login is discretely placed at the bottom of the home page.  By clicking here it will take you to your user profile and results.
Each location, and there are 10 locations, needs to be successfully completed before a pass result is recorded.

Windows Menu

There is a Windows menu to make navigation easy. Complete all tasks in the page order as indicated in the Windows Menu.

 Image Galleries

The links to open the galleries are beneath the virtual tour window and are after the virtual tour list.  Some questions will require looking through the galleries. 


Click the start button to begin the tasks. To answer the questions you will need to check each virtual tour carefully by moving it with swipe on a mobile device or alternatively using a mouse on a computer. The questions are multi-choice with one correct answer.  The pass mark is 100%.  It is helpful to view the virtual tour completely to familiarise yourself with the facilities.

Floor Plan Links

Almost every location’s floor plan can be accessed via the link underneath the list of virtual tours.  These floor plans should be checked carefully to be able to answer some of the questions.

Virtual Tour Button Array

This is at the bottom of each virtual tour in the middle and provides clickable functionality options. Some buttons from the bottom button array do not appear on mobile devices because they are replaced by the swipe or pinch function.

Virtual Tour Menu

To change the virtual tour in the view there is a pull down menu in the top right hand corner of each virtual tour.  Simply click this open and click the name of the next virtual tour you wish to open.

Only the completion of all the questions at one location will store a finished successful result. If you don’t complete all the questions at a particular location you will have to repeat that location. Access is on the Home page, at bottom of the page.

If you get lost you can always return to the ‘Main Menu’ with the link 
that is provided at the top of all the pages.

 Click the link to start at page 2, the Grounds

Stage 3 Health and Safety Content Menu

This stage involves reading through all the pages that are linked in blue.  Once you have completed this stage you can then move onto the next stage: stage 4,
‘Staff Induction Training Check List’.


Figure:  The Health and Safety Content Menu.

Stage 4: Staff Induction Training Check List.

Read this stage through carefully as it provides an administrative understanding of your position.  Once completed tick the box and submit an email through to administration to acknowledge successful completion.


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